TOP 10 Cryptocurrency  wallet 2022

It's time to consider getting the best crypto wallet in 2022

 1-Trust Wallet

BEST FOR- Beginners and App Users

PROS - Support many cryptocurrencies

CONS - High fees to transfer crypto to another platform.

 2-Meta Mask

BEST FOR -For Ethereum

PROS- Can be linked to NFT

CONS - Ethereum Fees are high


BEST FOR- Desktop

PROS- Support over 200 cryptocurrencies

CONS - No Multi-Signatures


BEST FOR- Bitcoin

PROS- Fast and easy to Set up

CONS -Only support bitcoin

 5-Coinbase wallet

BEST FOR-Beginners and Crypto Traders

PROS- Support more than 40,000 digital Assets

CONS - mobile and tablet devices excluding the chrome extension



PROS- The transaction can be done offline

CONS - Not really a user’s friendly


BEST FOR- For all users

PROS- Easy to set up and 24/7 customer support

CONS -Not all features are included.


BEST FOR- Beginners

PROS- User’s friendly

CONS - It’s only available for US crypto Investors


BEST FOR-Android and Crypto trader

PROS- It has many offline features

CONS - No 2-factor Authentication

 10-Ledger NanoX

BEST FOR- Offline Crypto wallet

PROS- Support a very large number of digital assets

CONS - No touch screen