It's the last day of smash action at Super Smash Con 2022

Aug14, 2022

Super Smash Con

Super Smash Con 2022 viewers frustrated by mid-match ads

During the first few matches today, Smash fans noticed that the official broadcast was filled with commercials.

Super Smash Con

One Smash player tweeted that he was receiving an "enormous amount" of commercials in the middle of an intense Top 32 set.

Other Smash players responded that they had similar experiences, including all day on Saturday, August 13.

One Smash fan even had to subscribe to VGbootcamp on Twitch to avoid the oppressive amount of ads.

A freelance esports caster responded that there must be some sort of break during the Smash stream to accommodate the commercials.

In a fast-paced game like Smash, where things can change in a matter of moments, seven commercials are enough for the audience at home,