Facts about  Snake Game

November 1976 gave birth to Snake Design; the designers were Lane Hawke, Ego Kiss, and Bob Pecarrero.

The first snake version to see computers was called Worms. It was designed by Peter Trefonas for the TRS-80 microcomputer station.

Year 1982 Apple II and VIC-20 are the three devices that can play this game. This snake game involved a snake eating 10 apples to clear each of the 28 levels.

This version of snake game is an arcade snake maze and chew game. It was the first to allow players to score a billion points, and trust us, people had reached that score.


The Nibbles Snake video game came into existence in 1991 and was included in MS-DOS version 5.0. This game was written to demonstrate the QBasic programming language,

The year 1996 was a good year for the Snake video game. It is ranked 41st on the Next Generation Awards for Top 100 Games.

With the year 2000, came the Snake II on the Nokia 3310, which was the successor to the 3210. The 3310 was a huge success, with 126 million phones sold mostly due to durability.

How Snake Game has remained relevant since its inception. Of course this game is a fun way to keep yourself busy.