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2022 Strange Facts About Six Flags Great America Map

six flags great america map – 2022

In this post, we are going to take a look at the recently released 2022 map for Six Flags Great Adventure. [Six Flags Great America mep] For those of you unaware, the map was recently released and promoted on Great Adventure History, a website that documents the Great Adventure. And there are actually quite a few changes to this year’s map. First, the maps will not be paper printed.

Six Flags Great America Map QR codes

The only way to access the maps will be on your phone. I imagine there’s probably going to be QR codes throughout the park where you’d scan it and the map shows up. But they are not doing paper maps anymore, which if you’re a map collector like me, it’s definitely very unfortunate but kind of saw it coming since a lot of parks are moving in this direction anyways. But if we’re taking a look at the map to look for actual changes to the map, the first thing I think everyone’s going to notice is that there are now logos for all the major rides in the park. You could see it on rides like Superman.

viper six flags great americaGreen Lantern King, dakar Zumajaro, el toro medusa mine, train locom, et cetera. Pretty much every major ride in the park or anywhere they could squeeze a logo in, they did. In addition to this, you can now see the names of the areas of the park on the map.

When they switched over to this new style where they show the rides based off thrill level, they removed the areas of the park from the map. So it’s really good now that you can actually see what area of the park is which on the map, which is definitely great and reminds me of the older park maps.

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First, taking a look at things that are fully new to the map, obviously the big elephant in the room is Medusa. For those of you who are unaware, which I don’t really know how you could be unaware at this point. Bizarro, which is the Parks purple and blue looping coaster near El Toro,

will be re themed to Medusa for the 2022 season and will sport a brand new green and orange paint job. Medusa’s new logo and the way the rival look is shown off in this park map. As you can see here, we cannot see any theming elements for the ride.

Six Flags Great America mep
Six Flags Great America mep

Six Flags Great America Map -2021

They kind of do it very quickly and don’t really put too much detail. You could even see that with Jersey Devil’s area when they published the 2021 map. There really was not much detail on the map for that ride. Next, if we move over to Junior Thrill Seekers on the other side of the park, we can see that Tornado, which is the ride that is right next to Jersey Devil, has been repainted. It will actually be called Storm Chaser now.

The Tornado theme is gone, and right next to that ride, you can see another new ride there, and that is actually the return of Barnstormer. You could also see that the theater there that was there is now gone. Where the seats were is now shaded seating, and where the theater was of course, is where Barnstormer now is.

And even though Lil Devil did actually open last year, it was not on the 2021 park map, likely because they weren’t 100% sure if they were going to open it yet. So you can now see that it is in fact on the park map for 2022.

Obviously, that is not a thing anymore, so those are gone from the map. Additionally, there are family restrooms on the map. The only one I can see is the one in Adventure Alley near the Ferris Wheel. It actually has a different colored symbol than the regular restroom symbol. You can also see that they snuck in some logos for some of the food places at the park.

Specifically, what I see is chopsticks Johnny Rockets and the new Fatburger location. Fat Burger is replacing Johnny Rockets. Nitro and I always thought it was kind of strange how there’s two Johnny Rockets very close to each other, but that is not the case anymore. As you can see, the Fat Burger logo is there. Again, it’s very low quality since this is a zoom in of the picture.

But you can see the Fat Burger logo there pretty clearly. Looking over New Jersey Devil, you can obviously see that the ride is no longer highlighted in white last year, since it was the new ride for 2021 it had a white backdrop that is gone now, so you can see what the ride actually looks like. It looks like they really didn’t change anything on the map about the area of Jersey Devil.

The restrooms are still kind of shown in the woods and a little further away from where their actual location is. But something really interesting New Jersey Devil is the fact that the whole seaport area name is completely dropped.

And now that entire area which consists of Jersey Double, Nitro and Congo Rapids is all now considered the Pine Barrens, which is very interesting. I’m very curious if that means that we’re going to see any re theming going on with Congo Rapids and Nitro. I certainly think that would be awesome. But just keep in mind that that is definitely a possibility. Now that area is officially the Pine Barrens.

Something interesting I noticed is that when you take a very close look at the buildings of Main Street, there used to be a building called Sweet Streets, which is now where the last Drop and the other store is right there and it was bright pink and blue and it’s actually still that same color here on the map, which I think is kind of strange. I guess maybe they didn’t think to change the color of that, but it is a different color now and looks very different.

But on the map itself, the name of that location still is Sweet Treats Cafe, which in a very small writing also says, we proudly serve Starbucks. Most people just kind of call that the Starbucks location. Now with the Safari Building, you can actually see that there is a new label on it and that is the Giraffe Encounter Tour.

Before 2020, this used to operate as the station for the Safari Off Road Adventure. But during 2000 and 22,21, the Safari was changed to become this wild Safari drive through Adventure, going back to the way it was originally run, which meant that the Safari Building kind of sat vacant because there really was no use for it since people were not boarding the trucks. But now the park has introduced a new experience which allows you to pay an up charge so that you can go and ride in the trucks to go have an encounter with the Giraffes where you can feed them and whatnot.

It used to look a little different and use different wording. Now it is a little more descriptive in terms of the rules. You could see that no loose articles are allowed in line or on the ride, including pockets or pouches. Items must be left in a locker or with a non rider. Ieglasses must be secured with a safety strap.

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