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MultiVersus Game Director Confirms When Big Nerfs Will Come in 2022


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MultiVersus Game DirA part of the players are currently using MultiVersus. The stage warrior joins a barely sufficient number of oddball characters and fights with an edge that leaves players wanting more. In any case, as more individuals join the MultiVersus open beta, players are finding characters that seem to be more grounded than others. Even in the closed alpha phase of the game, individuals definitely didn’t like Taz’s twister move. Currently, two characters have been flagged by a ton of players as needing serious changes.

Right now, the two most disappointing characters for many MultiVersus players are Finn and Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny quickly allowed himself to be separated from the wildness of the web as his movements were seen to be largely overpowered in a split second. The disdain for Adventure Time’s Finn came later when players recognized how huge his hitboxes were and the way moves like swinging his backpack required more than tons of attacks from other characters. Many of them requested changes to Bugs Bunny and Finn within weeks of the MultiVersus beta being shipped. Currently, game director Tony Huynh has carefully detailed when these advancements can be expected.


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The topic of nerfs in MultiVersus came up after Huynh tweeted about an online update that fixes certain bugs around the movements of Tom and Jerry and Jake the Dog. One fan followed Huynh’s tweet and asked when the nerf for Finn would come. Hyunh responded that the MultiVersus team wants to change Finn, but that these advances will come in stages as Player First Games investigates the hitbox and paintbox frameworks in the game overall.

While this might suggest that players might suffer from Finn’s backpack attack for a while longer, MultiVersus will almost certainly have tighter interactivity in general after these significant changes. For those who emphasized that the Bugs and Finn rules will be in place for some time to come, it was recently stated that the nerfs for these MultiVersus characters will come after EVO 2022.

It’s conceivable that these hitbox and painbox changes could accompany the delayed dispatch of MultiVersus Season

1. The game’s most memorable legitimate combat pass was supposed to be dispatched near Morty as a playable person on August 9, but was delayed without much success. explanation or new delivery date given to fans. This could be based on Player First Games needing to address the issues players are currently talking about around the MultiVersus meta.ector Confirms When Big Nerfs Will Come


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