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Family misfortune sets diabetes analyst’s choice to seek after nursing degree


As a true clinical investigator at Joslin Diabetes Center, RN Nisha Naik needed to find a career in medical care after seeing Bond Nurse Practitioners form with patients. She enrolled in the Graduate Entry Pathway (GEP) program at UMass Chan Medical School’s Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing, where she completed a term of counseling before becoming an enrolled educator and earning a doctorate in nursing practice. I work for Her timing was unintentional because after she got her RN, she could focus on her next of kin if needed.

“The way I had GEP that year allowed me to pay close attention to my aunt’s last days before she died of ovarian disease,” Naik said. It was a challenging encounter, but at the same time, it also really reinforced to me that having great companions and compassionate companions is so essential. Thank you very much for allowing me to be equipped with my aunt’s service.”

Naik is in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. of Nursing Practice (DNP) UMass Chans in Psychiatry/Mental Health. She is the main supervisor of work on nursing understudies to join the Worcester Asylum Clinic, a center managed by a substitute generally supported understudies TH Chan School of Medicine. She would like to tell other caregivers about this open door so they can help evacuees and shelter seekers.

“I think medical care overall is moving toward an extremely interdisciplinary methodology. You can’t get much done in medical services unless you’re functioning as a multidisciplinary group,” says Naik. says Mr.

Naik’s people moved from India to New Hampshire before Naik was conceived. She was raised in Bow, New Hampshire. She holds a BA in Psychology from Bates College, where she has some expertise in chemistry and public health. She currently serves as an RN in the Edward M. Kennedy Medication Assisted Treatment Program at her community health center, helping patients with substance abuse problems. Naik said she chose UMass Chan, who works in mental well-being while earning her DNP. He has a passion for integrative behavioral medicine.

“I think there’s a huge demand for emotional well-being in basic consideration. I might want to work with patients who might have co-occurring mental health issues and counsel in a clinic setting for those with mental disorders who are not consistently successful. ” he tended to,” said Naik.

The Student Spotlight series highlights students from the UMass Chan School of Medicine in the Morningside School of Biomedical Sciences, the Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing, and the TH Chan School of Medicine. For more information on UMass Chan School of Medicine and how to apply if it’s not too much trouble, visit: the Applicant Page.

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